2. Commissioned

heartxwork services is the extension of heartxwork.
Our vision: To search for the truth and create authentic content. We have a creative yet sensitive approach to our projects. Our look and feel is a mixture of documentary and subculture aesthetic.

Our skills: We bring ideas to life by developing individualised creative concepts for our clients and work with our community to make them become reality. From producing treatments to organising shoots, social media management, creative direction, art direction, casting and more: we like to do it all. We love the challenge of creating unique and authentic content, sourcing creatives working across project management, writing, illustrating, photography, graphic design, music, directing, acting, et cetera from within the heartxwork network.

Clients: Nike / Refinery29 / Converse / Blonde Magazine / Sloggi / New Balance / Desigual / Dr.Martens / KLM

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